Civil War Journal

By Quinn Bohan

June 28th, 1863 -

To the Future of America

My name is David Lundqvist. Me 'nd my cousin Jayden are both 14 'nd in the Union army. 'cause of our height and physical statur we can act older thn' our age; 17 years old. It is my burthday in a few days, I can only hope I can live through this hell long 'nuff to celebrate with what is left of my family. My parents are dead. My father died in the battl' of Bull Run 'nd my mother died of disease years ago. My brother is doing God knows what journeying Europe and probly'  does'nt evn' know what I am doing here in this God forsak'n army.  This here letter goes out to the Future of America 'nd all of its people. I don't know what will happn' in the next few days but I want to let you know, I've fought for this country and I am prepared to die for it.

July 13th, 1863

To the Future of America

The Battl' of Gettysburg was a horrid one. Men dying by my side, I had to carry the flag at one point untl' a bullet shaved my leg and I fell, the others done left me for dead. It wasn't till' some of the scouts found me after the battl' that I was declared 'live. They put me on a medical evac out of the battl' field and sent me to the camps hospital. My leg aches somethin' fierce but they've got it all wrapped up. I won't be battl' worthy for another week or so but I can still walk. My cousin Jayden visit'd me the other night wishing me well. They have me work'n on chores around the camp to help me get some exercise. I participate in the drills around camp but nothing too over exert'n. I can only hope my brief sacrifice was worth it. I hope to write in this journ'l sometime soon but for now,

rewell America.

July 29th, 1863

To the Future of America

This morn'n was a warm one. I got to drill 'gain like norm'l with the other sold'rs, we had a hike in the forest 'nd today was the first day my leg wasn't hurt'n 'nd I'm a look'n forward to see'n my cous'n again what with bei'n seperat'd because of....fam'ly issues. I hope the injurie I suffur'd warn't be one of many. And above all I hope my brothur comes a back from his travels in Europe.

Until  Next,

Farewell America.

August 2nd, 1863

To Jayden Lundqvust

Cousin, I hope you are farin' well. Life in this camp has been hard without a friendl'y face like yours. The food here is terrible as is the comp'ny. I miss the face of faml'y...I'm afraid my brothur might not be coming back home...may'b he found a nice lady. If that be the case I hope he is happy.

Until Next,

David Lunqvust

August 8th, 1863

To The Future of America

I've recent'ly attained some rather...disturb'n news as of cous'n won't be partecepat'n in the war 'nymore. He was shot somethin' fierce in his elbow 'nd...the docturs had to amputate. I'm not sure if he'll be livin' but I sure hope so. He warn't be able to visit me for awhile because of a strong need of bed rest. And it be best if he is want'n to feel better. I hope he doesn't die...he's my only faml'y left.

Farewell for now America

August 25th, 1863

To my one Brothur

On the 'morrow my three month in-service ends and I'll be going home. I ain't sure when or if you're coming back but father would want us together. I can't dep'nd on the army to  support me. The compn'y is horrid and the food is likewise. I need you brothur, I'll get on a boat and drag you from Europe if I have to.

Hopen' for the best,


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