Interactive Whiteboard

An Interactive Whiteboard

Touch Screen        Used in schools           Used for education


Multitouch ( can be 2 players)    Can educate children while they have fun

Touch Gestures             Object Awareness

Can use pen or using your finger             Simple Installation

Wi-fi                           Can save high scores to compete with school mates


Has to be educational. Has to be age appropriate.

Smart Table


Can be moved across the class room,       Up to eight students can use it at once

Can be objects to life,                          UDL friendly          High-quality display

Simultaneous multitouch capability  Built in WIFI  Can buy a camera to make the children more engaged into it                                                Can save high scores to compete with school mates                                Touch Screen


Needs to be educational since it's in a school           Has to appeal to a young audience


Needs to be fun as well as educational.

Needs to be easy and simple to learn


Being able to make a fun but educational game

To be able to say that you help children all over with their education.

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