Who Could That Be At This Hour?

By Lemony Snicket


...is an odd town, since it is, in fact, no longer by the sea. However, it is in this odd town that our story takes place...


Lemony Snicket- a young man with an unusual education and set of skills, he is the apprentice of S. Theodora Markson.

S. Theodora Markson- Lemony's chaperone in this adventure. On a list of 52 possible mentors, she is the 52nd on the list.

Mrs. Sallis- Hires S. Theodora and Lemony to retrieve a stolen statue of the Bombinating Beast (a local mythical creature), from the Mallahans, whom she claims to be old enemies.

Moxie Mallahan- the last reporter in Stain'd-by-the-Sea, her parents use to run its only newspaper, The Stain'd Lighthouse, from their lighthouse residence.

Ellington Feint-a mysterious girl whose search for her missing father leads her right to Snicket

Our Story Begins in the Hemlock Tearoom and Stationery Stop...

Lemony Snicket is about to be drugged and forced to board a train, but escapes with the help of his brand new chaperone, S. Theodora Markson. The duo travels to Stain'd-by-the-Sea, where they get their first job: stealing back the statue of the Bombinating Beast from the Mallahans for Ms. Sallis. Snicket and Markson go to the Mallahan Lighthouse to investigate. There, Snicket meets Moxie Mallahan, who, after a brief introduction and history lesson on Stain'd-by-the-Sea, shows Snicket the very statue he was looking for. However, it doesn't seem much like anything anyone would want to steal. He informs Moxie of his plan to procure it, and she offers to help him, saying that it's not that valuable, and that the Mallahan and Sallis families have always gotten along together. She then points out to Snicket that he could just escape from the hawser (cable used to hang drying newspapers) that connected the Mallahan's lighthouse and Sallis Mansion. After renting a room at The Lost Arms Hotel, Markson and Snicket return and sneak into the lighthouse, steal the statue, and exit on the hawswer.

However, before they get to the Sallis Mansion, Snicket, carrying the Bombinating Beast, spies policemen waiting through the window, and fearing the worst, drops into the trees below. It's here that he's found by Ellington Feint, who helps him hide the statue and mail it to himself once the police come looking for it. Afterwards, Ellington tells Snicket about a man named Hangfire, who she believes to have abducted her father. Snicket promises he'll help her find it. He returns to the hotel for night. In the morning, Snicket gets the mail, and the statue isn't there, so he looks for Ellington. She isn't at her cottage, but he does meet Moxie there, saying that she called him. He's about to question her when they here screaming coming from the Sallis Mansion, and as they run to investigate...

Read The Rest!! MUAHAHAHA!!

Would You Recommend This Book?

Definitely, though I'm a big Lemony Snicket fan, so I might be just a little biased. Snicket has a very different style of writing that can be annoying to some and pretty darn entertaining to others. His stories usually don't make sense to the very end, and the details that you think are totally unimportant can be the biggest giveaway of all. This book stays true to that very well, and it's fantastic.

Is This Book Part of a Series?

Yes, the next two books, with the fourth and final one coming in September 2015. If you've read the Series of Unfortunate Events, also by Lemony Snicket, then these are a sort of prequel series to that saga, but aren't directly involved. There is just some overlap.

What did you like about the book?

I really liked Snicket's style of writing, and his description of  characters. His mystery story writing skills are superb, and you don't know the ending till you've read it. I love it.