Social Concept is a simple theory that everyone encounters, but they just do not realize. It is the image everyone sees themselves as. There are distinct theories to the different aspects of social concept, but always it is how you view yourself. Although, how you view yourself can be based off of other peoples opinions of you and who you aim to be. Self image is not always who you actually are though because some people perceive they are a better person than they are, inflated self image, or they believe they are worse than they actually are by exaggerating weaknesses, negative self image. Self-esteem and self worth are parts of social concept which can be heavily influenced by the environment around you. Additionally, someone's personality can change when they are around others due to wanting to be a better version of themselves. Self Concept is how you perceive yourself whether it be physically or mentally.  



This year has changed me as a person in many ways. My self concept was just developing strongly in the ninth grade and by now my self concept is probably going to remain the same and only change slightly in years to come. School has always been of value to me, but this year I appreciated it even more. No one could tell I have been more appreciative because my never ending procrastination, complaining, and attitude towards schoolwork, but I honestly do. I have always had the belief that if you put in hard work then your results will be favorable. That is not always the case. Generally hard work equals great results but teachers grading work and marking mistakes that are not logical to you or putting in much effort into relationships and having them end make this idea seem questionable. Every teacher and person heard discussing high school describe how it prepares you for the future by the classes you take. Although grades are highly important to colleges and personal standards, the interactions between peers during high school is one of the most important aspects. It helps you discover who you are and your values based on how you interact with others. I have learned this year that even though good grades are beneficial, they are no where near to standard I placed them at in my life and self worth. This realization I had for my self concept opened my eyes to be a little less stressed. Likewise, most stress placed on myself is because of my personal actions. This school year has helped me reflect on myself as a student and a person. I have matured in many ways but I'm still discovering who I want to be so there are still immature and inappropriate moments. My self concept will change in the future, but high school will be one of the most influential times of my life. Early college and the vision with college, including taking college classes, will mold my future positively, but as for everything else in my life we will just have to see how it influences my self concept.

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