The Great Depression

A severe economic downturn caused by an overconfident and off extended stock market and a drought that struck the south ,their was an attempt that the US government tried to end The Great Depression by taking an unknown direct action to help restore the economy ,The Great Depression had finally ended with the benefit of the increased production needed for World War II.

College in the 1930's (Columbia College)
- tuition between 1920 and 1930 was about 250$ a year
-Columbia University is a private institution and was founded in 1754
- Room and Board was 520$
- One of the major differences between college then and now is that colleges offer more tuition but also the university cost more and has gotten very expensive.

Stan's Apology Letter

  • I write this apology letter to you because i am deeply sorry for my actions, i meant no disrespect and if you by so happily give me my job,i take an oath to be better more superior, more involved and i will give my best effort to have a job that provides money to my family in need of financial and i'm here to give them more chances in life if it means making any money so i say to you i can give you many reasons and many i wills but in the end i truly do think that i should receive a second chance but not for me for the family i support.

Broadway Show

A girl achieves her dream of performing on a TV dance show in 1960s Baltimore and works to integrate the show in the process to prove how worthy she is.

the original musical originally started in 1988 in John Waters film Hairspray.

the average ticket price was $72.54


This book i say is quite the entertainment and gave me some laughs, so i would recommend this Brighton Beach Memoirs to anyone in need of a smile yes there are a few awkward moments so the age recommendation i would say 13 and older.

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