Week 3: Writing is Revising

Get Started on Week 3:

This is a big week; you'll turn in your revised first essay this week! One essay down, two to go!

  1. Unlike previous weeks, there are TWO "Content" pages in the week 3 learning module. That's because we are ending one project and beginning another. Consider reading through all pages of this learning module, so you get a sense of what's to come.
  2. The peer review is due by Weds. at noon this week. Because of our tight deadline turnaround, no late peer reviews can be accepted for credit. If you can get that assignment done early, your classmates would love you for it!
  3. Make sure you contact Martha if you have questions about what the peer review says OR you didn't get enough feedback. I can't read all the peer reviews before you turn in your papers, so I'm relying on you to self-advocate! And if you know you aren't going to participate in the peer review, it's polite to let people know, so they can make other arrangements (or reach out to me).
  4. I give detailed feedback on the revised drafts you turn in to me at the end of the week, so your next paper can be even better than this one. I won't have time to give detailed feedback on your rough drafts. I will only look quickly at all of them as I check for completeness. I will email you if there is a major problem, so keep checking your email.
  5. If you feel concerned that you aren't getting detailed feedback from an expert OR you know you need personalized help with mechanics, usage, grammar, and style, utilize a Madison College Writing Center OR utilize the virtual tutoring of BRAINFUSE, which has a 24-hour turnaround time.

As always, for questions about course content, please contact me, Martha Schwer, your instructor, by email at schwer@madisoncollege.edu (preferred) or phone 608-246-6172. If you have technical difficulty, phone the computer help desk at 608-243-4444 or toll-free 1-866-277-4445.

Recap of Week 2 Learning:

Getting a rough draft submitted is a major step in learning to write for the college level. Instructors REALLY appreciate it when a student turns in a paper that has obviously been carefully structured, contains original, unique examples, and speaks in a voice that is accurate, clear, and precisely worded. When you turn in a rough draft, you allow yourself to improve it with fresh eyes, at a later date. Feel proud!

If you didn't read Chapter 11 carefully last week, make sure you get the book and make some notes on the peer review material now. You'll need it for this week's work! Another tip is to look at the skills listed at the beginning of Chapter 12 on p. 290. Your peer review needs to demonstrate that you know how to do all those things!

Overview and Goals for Week 3:

Obviously, this week contains some very high-point assignments (the peer review and revised Essay 1 are both due this week), so it's a week you'll want to make sure you have time to focus. But we'll also be starting the research essay, which will also grow out of viewing Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier. The second essay in this course will be an open-format, exploratory research essay. Research can be difficult to do well, but the good news is that you will develop your own topic related to our overall course theme! So no boring or overdone topics allowed! Let's have some fun learning!

Learning Objectives for Week 3:

By the end of this week you will be able to:

  • revise globally as well as locally.
  • use peer reviews to help you think like an academic writer
  • identify the value of criticism in an academic setting
  • write constructive criticism that demonstrates critical thinking and empathy
  • define what characteristics a college-level research paper has
  • develop a targeted research question using library materials
  • define an exploratory essay's structure and features.