PCCTI Chicago Has Set High Academic Standards

Established in 1997, PCCTI Chicago is a leading nursing education institute in the United States. Over the years, they have gained huge popularity among aspiring nursing students owing to their high academic standards. A cadre of well qualified nurses have been appointed as the school faculty, so that students can benefit from their real life experiences. Most of the faculty members are Masters prepared nurses and are still actively practicing nursing in the professional field.

To support the learning and development of the nursing students, PCCTI Chicago offers them a plethora of avant garde resources such as – ATI Testing Resource: Full Student Package, ATI TEAS Review Sessions, NCLEX-PN Practice Questions, Evolve Resources, Evolve Stimulation Learning System, Well-Designed Library, fully equipped labs, and many more. To help students enhance knowledge retention, the school also incorporates the clicker technology in the classrooms and provides each student their own individual clicker. The school also offers them computer stations on which a variety of NCLEX practice programs have been installed. These programs include thousands of critical thinking practice questions to facilitate the preparation of students for the NCLEX-PN license exam.

In order to produce quality nurses, PCCTI Chicago holds high standards in student achievement. For instance, a “B” average is required to pass their LPN program. Despite setting high standards, they offer a Remediation program to students struggling to pass the course. The program gives students a second chance to prove themselves in the exam. A validation of the quality of LPN program offered by the school lies within their excellent NCLEX-PN pass rate. For two consecutive quarters in 2013, they have achieved a 100% NCLEX-PN pass rate. With their student centered approach, PCCTI continues to be one of the top LPN schools in the country.

However, apart from the their high academic standards, there are several other factors responsible for their success. Some of these factors are – their affordable tuition, financial support for poor students, interesting students' activities throughout the year, and more. The school constantly seek to improve by conducting surveys among students from time to time. In addition to this, they also welcome feedback and suggestions from them to figure out areas of improvement, if any.

For more information about the PCCTI school, feel free to browse through their official website i.e. http://pccti.com/ or call them feel free on (630) 705 9999 or (312) 920 8822.

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