PCCTI Chicago Is Guided By A Set Of Core Values In Realizing Its Mission

PCCTI Chicago was founded and incorporated in 1997 in the State of Illinois. It received approval from the Illinois State Board of Education to provide a formal educational program in 1999. The mission of the organization at that time was to provide quality education to meet the high demand for skilled technicians in the Information Technology industry. Later, the school recognized the emerging demand in the health care field and refocused its mission to include health care education as well as Information Technology. Since that time, a variety of health care courses such as Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Cardiology Technician, Medical Billing and Coding and Pharmacy Technician have been initiated.

PCCTI IT and Healthcare is guided by a set of core values in realizing its mission. These values are:-

Integrity - PCCTI upholds ethical behavior, honesty, trust and open communication as attributes of a value-based institution. It believes that everyone must possess these attributes so as to accomplish the goals and demonstrate professionalism in work and study.

Respect – The organization respects the worth and degree of each and every individual and fosters a climate of trust, support, acceptance, and collegiality. The goal of the organization is to improve the quality of life for each person who comes in contact with the school, its administration, students and personnel.

Knowledge – PCCTI IT and Healthcare believes that the ability to learn and teach is a gift and responsibility which should be respected and nurtured. The organization supports the faculty who engage their students to be actively involved in the pursuit of knowledge. It honors and rewards high performance in both students as well as teachers.

Diversity – PCCTI celebrates the diversity of school and neighboring communities as it seeks to provide opportunities for all those it serves.

Excellence – The school sets high standards with the right priorities for itself and its students through the “PCCTI Community for Excellence”.

Service – PCCTI Chicago values collaborative partnerships with groups as well as organizations in the community having same mission and values that it has. These partnerships strengthen the bond of the school with the community.

To know more about PCCTI IT and Healthcare Chicago, browse through the website http://pccti.com/

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