PCCTI Complaints Are Handled In A Professional Manner

Founded and incorporated in 1997, PCCTI – Professional Career Certification and Training Institute is one of the best Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) schools in the country. There are various factors that have helped them become the top choice of numerous aspiring nursing students across the nation, one out of which is the way they address their students' complaints.

To make sure PCCTI complaints are always handled in a fair and professional manner, the school has hired highly qualified and experienced officials for the job. They have a “Director of Nursing for Administration”, to review all types of operational and administrative complaints; a “Director of Faculty and Curriculum Development” to review the academic grievances; and a “campus manager” to review and process reports. Before any issue becomes a formal grievance, students are encouraged to openly discuss their problems with the person(s) concerned. If needed, the office manager calls the appropriate personnel to facilitate the discussion. For instance, if the complaint is related to the collection of tuition fee, the manager calls the Finance Adviser.

All PCCTI complaints are addressed promptly, usually within thirty days. And if necessary, a written response is given to the complainant. The matter is then precisely documented, recorded and maintained in respective student files and treated as “confidential” as per the school's policy on information privacy. By resolving student's complaints with fairness, PCCTI aims to reduce dissatisfaction among students and also improve themselves. In order to find out areas of improvement, they keep conducting surveys among students from time to time. They also welcome feedback from students on anything related to the school.

Besides fairly addressing students' complaints, there is a lot more that makes PCCTI one of the most trusted healthcare schools in the country. For instance, they offer a number of exciting nursing courses; are backed by a resourceful faculty, which includes highly qualified nurses; have an abundance of avant-garde resources to support students' nursing education; have an extremely competitive tuition fee; provide financial aid to poor students; etc. To know more about them, feel free to browse through their official website i.e. http://pccti.com/ or call on 630-705-9999 or 312-920-8822.

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