PCCTI Is A Leading Healthcare School in Chicago

PCCTI is a leading healthcare school in Chicago, committed to providing accredited nursing education in Chicagoland and neighboring suburbs for the past sixteen years. Currently, the wide range of courses they offer includes– LPN (Licensed Practical Nurses) Program, CNA Program, and MA (Medical Assistant) Program.

Although PCCTI was founded with the mission to provide quality education to meet the high demand for skilled IT technicians, a few year later they recognized the emerging demand in the health care field and refocused their mission to provide nursing courses as well. Since then, they have quickly accelerated to become one of the best Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) schools in the country.

They are acknowledged for a myriad of things besides their exciting nursing programs. For instance, they are often appreciated for the culture of their school, which is directed towards student centered learning environment. To help students successfully pursue their professional and educational goals, they have hired some highly experienced nurses as faculty members, who bring real life experiences into the classroom. The school also offers the students a myriad of leading-edge resources such as ATI TEAS Review Sessions, ATI Testing Resource: Full Student Package, Evolve Resources, Evolve Stimulation Learning System, One on One Instructor Review Session, NCLEX-PN Practice Questions, Well-Designed Library, and many more. The student services and technical staff hired by the school repeatedly offer support for adequate and appropriate use of all the resources they provide.

Besides all this, PCCTI offers a range of interesting activities to students such as Spirit Week, Student Appreciation Week, Best Halloween Costume, Food Drive around Thanksgiving, and TOY Drive around Christmas (for a great cause). They also offer financial aid to students, who wish to pursue clinical education and serve the health care industry but cannot afford the fee for an accredited nursing program.

When it comes to assisting students gain employment, the school has a candid approach. Despite the fact that nursing still holds high employability rates, their student services and career services staff is proactive in sending job leads and informing their graduates about Healthcare job fairs. For more information about them, feel free to browse through their official website i.e. http://pccti.com/ or call them on 630-705-9999 or 312-920-8822.

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