PCCTI.com Offers Quality Education Using The Latest Teaching Learning Aids

PCCTI.com has led the way in which quality nursing education has been provided to the thousands of students in the State of Illinois. It is a renowned nursing school that was founded in the year 1994, and is located in Oak Brook and Chicago. Its mission is to provide the highest quality education at affordable tuition fees, so as to meet the rising demand of professional and certified nurses in the healthcare industry. It is approved and affiliated with many recognized and established departments of the country. They have been producing educated, skilled, and licensed nurses from the last 7 years. The institute is backed by the highly qualified staff members who are masters in their field and have years of teaching experience as well.

The institute offers 3 nursing programs, including LPN, CNA, and Medical Assistant, and provides flexible learning hours for students. They can attend morning, evening, or weekend sessions, the one that is suitable for them. PCCTI.com precisely understands the importance of practical as well as theoretical knowledge. In order to extend the learning process beyond lectures, a multitude of resources has been introduced in the tuition. Students have been given access to ATI and Evolve systems that include tutorials, online books, practical questions, focused reviews, proctored and practice assessments, and a lot more. Additionally, they also have access to the Evolve Simulation Lab system that provides learners with extra patient and clinical care scenarios, so that they can apply their critical thinking and classroom knowledge during these situations.

For the comprehensive development of nursing students, the institute has included clinical hours in all the programs. They have to work with the patients once in a week under the supervision of licensed nurses in the complete nursing environment. PCCTI places its learners in regional nursing homes with a chance for hospital rotations as well. The school has also incorporated clicker technology in the classrooms, and students have been given their personal clicker. This technology is very helpful in enhancing the teaching learning process, and it inspires students to take active participation in the classroom activities. Clickers enable learners to provide feedback quickly, vote in response to questions asked by the teachers, and to give answers to various questions. PCCTI.com also provides individual computer station for learners that have an array of NCLEX practice programs installed on them. This institute has really revolutionized the way in which nursing education has been given to the aspirants from the last few years. For additional information about the school and class sessions, visit its official website at http://pccti.com/.

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