Arabian Peninsula

Oases in the Arabian Peninsula are really beautiful. It provided fertile land to grow crops. It also provides shade. How people lived and adapted to the Oasis environment is they would build deep well to have a source of water for the plants. Most towns got their food from the farmers that lived by Oases. If you visit an Oases I would bring your mud boots.

Arabian Deserts can be the coolest thing you see yet if you go to visit. The deserts have crazy climents. At night it is usually below freezing or sometimes in the mid 30s. In the afternoon it is really hot it can usually get up to the 100s because of the heat. Also deserts can be the most beautiful thing you see because when there is a violent sandstorm it changes the landscape. So if you go one time and come back another the landscape could be completely different from the last time you saw it. Some of the adaptions people had to make in order to live in this environment is, they wore long lose fitting clothing so it could be airy and cool when temperatures are really hot, but at night or winter when it gets below freezing the long clothing could keep them warm. Also people used camels as transportation because camels don't need a lot of water because they store it instead.

Below is a picture of what the clothing might look like:

Here they have long lose fitting clothing.

Arabian Coastal plains to me kinda look like a beach to me. But there are rocky cliffs, the air is damp and moist, and there are natural harbors. The coastal plains are really pretty. If you visit there you might want to bring your sunglasses and beach chair you will want it.   

Mountains are always so pretty, but have you will be breathless when you see these mountains. These mountains can rise from 1,000 to 12,000 feet high. There are lots of rain fall and the air is moist. The temperatures are usually cool or below freezing. How people who lived here is they had terrace farming, there were dams, irrigation, and storage of rainwater. They farmed melons, pomegranates, and trees for frankincense and myrrh. They used Ashes and Manure for fertilizer. When you visit here I would bring your hiking boots and good clothes for hiking.   

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