What is the pedagogical problem you're trying to solve?

SAMR Practice

Background of Existing Assignment

What is the context of the lesson?

How can I get students to revise their writing more authentically? Not just surface level edits, but deeper considerations for structure, organization, and style.

What are you asking students to do?

11th grade "This I Believe" essay in unit on Transcendentalism. This is the first full essay of the course and the major essay of Marking Period 1.

How will you assess / evaluate the learning?

  • Define a personal belief
  • Explain and interpret how they came to that belief or how it's grown over time
  • Structure their writing (in paragraphs and essay)
  • Format a word processor document in MLA format

A summative rubric, preceded by formative feedback on their outlines and rough drafts.

Teaching "Above the Line" with SAMR


Students use Google Drive to house files.


Students use Google Drive to receive teacher feedback on the outline and to give peer feedback at the rough draft stage.


Students create and submit a screencast of their Google Doc's revision history, showing/explaining the big changes they made to the essay, and reflecting on their writing process.


Students find or photograph an image to accompany their essay, then pin it to a collaborative class Pinterest board. Students comment on others' work and interpret/critique the connection between the essay and the writer's chosen image.


Students develop their revision screencast into a video presentation. The class video presentations are uploaded to YouTube as case studies and tutorials for other student writers.


Students collaborate with a classroom in another country completing the same assignment, highlighting the universal human experience that lead to everyone's personal beliefs.