My Alien


Basic Facts

My Alien is called The Drahoms

On Earth it is 3 years old and on Venus 5 years old

It weight on Earth 100pounds and it weight on Venus is 90.7pounds

Venus is a terrestrial palnet

Venus is the 2nd planet from the sun

Venus has no moons

Venus atmosphere is made of Carbon dioxide: 96.5%Nitrogen: 3.5% and the other percent is the other gases in the atmosphere

Venus' Composition is similar to earths (Crust, Mantle, Core and thats in order)

The maximum and Minimum temperature it can be on venus is + 870 °F

A Day in the Life

It takes 224.7 days for Venus to orbit around the sun

It takes Venus 243 Earth days to complete a full rotation

A year on venus is 225 days

Venus' radius 199miles smaller than Earth

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Venus is the size of earth and has a walkable surface. Venus is called Earths twin because it is very similar to earth because of its size . Venus has no moons orbiting it so it is not to similar to earth.

Description of Alien

My alien can survive on Venus because is a producer and all it uses the suns energy to make it own food. my alien has .tentacles for arms to fly around and get the most sun. My alien has four eyes which allows it to see a lot farther a way than us.

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