Fred Rogers

Biography/Autobiography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by Mrs. Hemry as an example for her students

Fred Rogers was born on March 20, 1928 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and died February 27, 2003.

Significant Events in History that Affected Fred's Life

  • The Great Depression
  • Word War II
  • Industrial (steel mills) and mining conflicts with Unions
  • The Gulf War

Freddie's Childhood

As a young boy, "Freddie" had severe allergies (hay feaver). He missed a lot of school and spent a lot of time at home because of this. His family was very wealthy, because his grandfather, Mr. McFeely, owned a brick company. While he was young, Fred Rogers realized that helpers didn't have to be real people. You could get help from messages instilled in your conscience from family and friends.

People Who Influenced Fred's Life

  • Mr. McFeeley "Ding Dong" (Fred's grandfather) - Gave Fred a lot of excellent advice. Took Fred to meet the author Marjorie Rawlings.
  • Mrs. McFeeley (Fred's grandmother) - Encouraged Fred to learn to play the piano.
  • Reverand McKee - pastor at his church. Inspired Fred to get his divinity degree.

Unique facts...

1. Fred Roger's family was caring and generous. Even though they were more well off that others, they shared what they had and were frugal.

2. Fred Rogers was color blind.


  • President of Student Council in high school
  • Editor of the student newspaper in high school
  • Mr. Roger's Neighborhood tv show 1968-2001 (34 years). In this children's program, Mr. Rogers tried to make the young people who watched the program understand that they were very important and that he liked them just they way they were. He did this by constantly reinforcing their self-worth and reminding them that they were special and that they were loved.
  • earned two Peabodys and three Emmys
  • 1997 - lifetime achievement award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and by the Television Critics Association
  • 1998 - star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • 1999 - inducted into the Television Hall of Fame
  • 2002 - presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nations highest civilian honor
  • 2003 - inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame

The theme of Fred's life was...

Fred Rogers promoted the ideals that everyone is your neighbor, we should all do everything possible to help out our neighbor, follow your dreams, and everyone is special in their own way.

Fred's words of advice and what he has taught me...

  • Grandfather McFeely told Fred when he was young: Freddie, you have made this day a really special day for me, just by being yourself. There's only one person in the world like you. And I happen to like you just the way you are.
  • Every human being needs help at one time or another. Sometimes this help comes from a family member, but just as often it will come from a neighbor.
  • I don't think there's anything that makes a person more unhappy than doing something he doesn't want to do just because he thinks everybody else is expecting him to do it.

I never realized before reading this biography and watching the videos I shared here what an influence Fred Rogers had on my life. I hope that my life and the values I am instilling in my own children and my students will help them think. I hope that I'm continuing Mr. Roger's work of planting seeds that will grow.

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