This Tackk contains: Dominant, Recessive, Phenotype, and Genotype.


A dominant allele produces a dominant phenotype in individuals who have one copy of the allele, which can come from just one parent. Dominant alleles do not physically “dominate” or “repress” recessive alleles. Whether an allele is dominant or recessive depends on the particulars of the proteins they code for.


For a recessive allele to produce a recessive phenotype, the individual must have two copies, one from each parent.The same allele can be considered dominant or recessive, depending on how you look at it.


A phenotype (from Greek phainein, meaning "to show", and typos, meaning "type") is the composite of an organism's observable characteristics or traits, such as its morphology, development, biochemical or physiological properties, phenology, behavior, and products of behavior (such as a bird's nest).


The genotype is the genetic makeup of a cell, an organism, or an individual usually with reference to a specific characteristic under consideration.

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