Hangzhou: Where are prostitutes?
Celeste Yau

Background information

I have always had an interest in how prostitutes do their business because it's so interesting and different from what I know of and the normal jobs most people in the world pursue. However, when desperate times call for desperate measures, some people don't have a choice as to what jobs they are able to do.

Prostitutes are people who either have pleasure in having sex or they can't find another job and they really need the money. The way prostitutes work is very depressing. They are selling their bodies to people they don't even know. If a normal person walks by a prostitute, that person won't even know. This is because prostitutes stand around looking like normal people, but once they know that someone wants what they are offering, they will lead that person into a private room or a car and do their business.


Hangzhou prostitutes are usually located near bars and nightclubs. They sometimes co-ordinate with strippers. However strippers don't like to get in on the action because they have to do their job in the nightclubs and bars.

Hangzhou prostitutes are no different from other prostitutes around the world. They all do the job for

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