Move Now
Amass Wealth!

Texas is a beautiful wonderland with so much potential. With your economical expertice, you could turn it into a goldmine! There are only five rules you need to meet to join this once in a lifetime adventure:

1.Must bring at least 3 other family members.

2.Must own a dog.

3. Must own a business (preferably successful).

4.Must have owned a farm in the past.

5.Must have no criminal records.

You don't have to worry about the government, Mexico has just gained it's independence, and that means no more Spanish Monarchy; Only democracy.

Whether you chop down wood or farm for a living, there's plenty of ways to earn money in Texas. There's always going to be more opportunities to get rich!

Texas is located in such a great spot, too! The rivers are plentiful, there are forest, there is an ocean, AND nice soil for farming!

Why move your family and business down to Texas? Think of the money! You'll be rich, and your company will prosper!

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