A Family Of Brothers.

By Streeter Lecka

Just one weak away from the Ohio State Buckeyes biggest game of the year so far, the Big Ten Championship. Preparing to play against the #1 running back in the nation, Melvin Gordon and the Wisconsin Badgers. Not only are the Ohio Sate Buckeyes trying to prepare to win a Big Ten Championship but they are also dealing with a teammate who was a walk on defensive lineman named Kosta Karageorge that went missing for a couple of a day's. On November 26th the day before he went missing Kosta Karageorge texted his mother saying, "Sorry if I was a disappointment to you...concussions have mest up my head". Four day's after he went missing he was found in a dumpster with a handgun near by the incident by a woman and her son. The day after the defensive lineman was found dead Ohio State's offensive lineman Taylor Decker said, "The Buckeyes will fight on — because that’s what Karageorge would have wanted. I don’t think he’d want anything like this to hold us back. He’s a huge team guy,” Decker said. This exemplifies the family like symptoms that the Ohio State Buckeyes have created with each other, most view them as a football team, but I see them as a family of brothers overcoming devastating obstacles that many cannot overcome.

By Justin Caba on December 1, 2014

Before the Ohio State football season even started they thought it was over because of the devastating injury of quarterback Braxton Miller who was a heisman candidate the past year. Everyone thought that there was no chance for them to be apart of the first ever college football playoff where four teams compete for a BCS Title game. Then the quarterback that no one had faith in, J.T. Barrett suprised everyone. He ended up with a one loss season that actually gave him a slight chance of winning the heisman trophy. Then OSU had to overcome another step, J.T. Barrett broke his ankle in the final game of the season against Michigan and the game before the Big Ten championship against the Wisconsin Badgers. So the third string quarterback had to prepare for the biggest game of his life. Everybody had no clue who he was, his name was Cardale Jones and also called by his teammates 12 gauge because of his strong throwing arm. Jones did not just defeat the Wisconsin Badgers he also defeated the Alabama Crimsontide in the first ever college football playoff semifinal. Tomorrow he will face the fast paste Oregon Ducks in the BCS Title game. Everybody wonders where he gets all of his confidence from, his teammates say, "Don't see any stress, though. They sense that, in a distinct way, Chloe has done wonders for providing a calming influence in her father's life". Chloe is Jones daughter who was born just a few weeks ago. He will always think that Chloe is the best thing that happened to him this year, not competing for the BCS Title game. The OSU has taught all of us that a family of brothers can overcome anything they wish to as long as you stick together.

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