My Magic Door

if i had my own magic door i would have it to take me into different video games. the door would be made out of giant tv’s each with a different game on the screen and there would be a game controller attached to each screen and on each of the screen would be a video game and you choose which game you want to enter by pressing the start button with the controller.

When you have chosen the game you then open the door and enter and you will be at the chosen game. If you want to go to a different video game you have to beat the boss in the current video game you’re in. Every time you beat a boss you get a special item to help beat another boss. In the world you choose you can get help from video game friends, for example if you were in mario you could get help from luigi mario princess peach and more to help defeat the boss.

In each video game you could get a powerup that only lasts for a few seconds like a star in mario. In the video game there are miny enemies that you have too beat to progress.if you beat all the bosses you become the ultimate gamer and rule all the games.

If in the video game you die you are returned to the world you are from and you can never play a video game again or return to the door.

by henri

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