Come To Madagascar

By: Alexsis Beineke


Government and Country Background/History

The back ground history of Madagascar, is the fourth largest island in Sudan, Africa. For History Andrianampoinimerina was a King, in Madagascar. People go to Madagascar for it's beauty and it's animals.


People have a very unique way of designing their cloths. They love to have very colorful colors on their long beautiful dress's. Men usually wear shorts and a white shirt.


They love Rice, Loaka, and Vegetables. They have a healthy life because they eat a lot of vegetables. 80% of people farm and grow Rice and Vegetables, because people can't get a lot of food most of the time so they become farmers and sell their crops.

Holiday Traditions

They will make and give a lot of rice out for holidays. And they will give out Vegetables mixed with rice. They do this so people bye more of their food, so the farmers can get more crops for next year. They play a game every year to see who get's married on Christmas.

Education & Schooling

Not many kids get to go to school, because most of the time they are taking care of their little brother's or sister's at home all day. Some times they are sick and are not able to move out of bed, and not get the education that he/she needs. And if they can't go at all because of money shortage, so the parents do all they can for their children.

Tourist Interes

One of the last major areas on Earth to be settled by humans, the natural beauty of Madagascar makes you feel like a new person. Found off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is home to many of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar’s awesome natural beauty has earned the country the nickname “the eighth continent”. Visit the top tourist Interes in Madagascar to discover for yourself the natural, beauty that is Madagascar.


They mostly speak Arabic, Andriamanitra or Zanahary. From research Andriamanitra is the hardest to learn if you are going to Madagascar. Arabic wouldn't be that hard, if you go to Madagascar.

Religion and Beliefs

People never stay out passed dinner time. This is because everyone is very alert at night because of all the wild animals running around. People believe that if you stay out side to long any thing can happen to you, you could get eaten by a wild animal, or you could get robed, and you could get hit by a moving car.

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