CPR Cheat-sheet

Penny Conner

Adult, Child, and Infant CPR

  • Check the scene
  • Check the person
  • You/Someone else Call 911
  • Give 30 chest compressions, two hands (or two fingers for infant)
  • Open the airway and give two breaths
  • Continue compressions and breaths

Adult, Child, and Infant Unconcious Choking

  • Lower the person to the ground (if they were concious then went unconcious)
  • Call 9-1-1
  • Give 30 chest compressions (two hands [adult, child] two fingers [infant])
  • Open the airway and check for an object, if there is one use finger (pinkie finger for infants) to remove it.
  • Give the two rescue breaths, re-position and try again if the chest doesn't rise
  • Continue steps 2-4 until object comes out

Adult and Child Conscious Choking

  • Ask the person if they're okay
  • Activate EMS/ Call 9-1-1
  • Stand behind the patient with one foot between their feet and one behind you
  • Place the flat-side of your fist above their bellybutton and grab the fist with your free hand
  • Begin thrusts, inward and upward, until object comes out or they go unconcious

Infant Conscious Choking

  • Support the infant's face then place body on your forearm
  • Give 5 back-blows, between the shoulder blades, with the palm of your hand
  • Support the face and turn them onto your other forearm.
  • Give 5 chest thrusts
  • Repeat steps 1-4 until object comes out or infant goes unconcious


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