Children in the Holocaust

The children in the holocaust where treated worse than the older people in the camps. The teenagers where the first ones to be taken from their families.  The children where mainly experimented and starved because they where children and the Nazi troops thought that Jewish children and people were worthless. They wanted to kill anybody that was not blonde with blue eyes.  Some children sometimes didn't make it cause they either where aborted form there mothers, starved, or they were killed from the work they where doing.  Children where experimented on mostly because they would never make it out.   Families where separated because if the families where together they would've been powerful than the Nazi's.

               Interesting/10 Facts

1. Over 1.1 million children died during the Holocaust for multiple reasons

2. Maybe 1/3 of all Jewish people alive at that time were murdered in the Holocaust

3. In the Holocaust 100,000 Jews died during death marches.

4. The Holocaust would not have been possible without mass transportation

5. Young children where targeted by the Nazis to be murdered  during the Holocaust.

6. 870,000 or more Jews where killed at Treblinka.

7. Auschwitz was the largest of the German concentration camps

8. More than a million people were murdered at the Auschwitz complex.

9. The Holocaust began in January 1933.

10.  After concentration were liberated thousand of people have been starved to exhaustion died within a week of freedom.

                  Time Line

January 30, 1933- Hitler Becomes chancellor of Germany

March 22, 1933- First concentration camp opened

March 23, 1933- giving Hitler power

September 15, 1935- Taking right away from Jew and forbidding marriages between Jews.

November 9-10, 1938- Nazi rampage against Jewish shops

September 1, 1939- Germany invaded Poland

January 1940-  Nazi begin a program for the mental

June 14, 1940-  Auschwitz Camp is opened

June 22, 1941-  Germans and other allies invaded the Soviet Union

September 3, 1941- First grassing with at Auschwitz

September 28-30 1941- 33,00 Soviet Jews are massacred

January 20, 1942-  Conference discussed the final solution

November 29, 1944- Operation Harvest Festival Jews at Majdanek concentration camp are killed

January 27- 1945- Auschwitz is liberated by Russians

April 30, 1945- Hitler kills him self


Julian Bilecki was a skinny teenager that hide Jews that  where supossed to go to the Concentration Camps.

Why its important

its important because it shows how the children where treated by the Nazi. Children and women where treated horrible because of there gender and because they where Jewish.


Nazi  leaders

The Children(Anne Frank)


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