Atmosphere by Jenny Hernandez

Why is the atmosphere important?

The atmosphere keeps the air on Earth so that we are able to breath.  Keeps the heat on Earth.  It also protects us from being hit by meteors and other space junk.

How does the temperature change as you go higher into the atmosphere?
The temperature goes up and down.

How does pressure change as you go higher into the atmosphere?
The higher you go into the atmosphere the less pressure.

What are the percentages of gases that make up the atmosphere?
Nitrogen: 78%
Oxygen: 21%
Argon: 0.93%
Carbon Dioxide: 0.038%

What are the for layers of the atmosphere do?
Troposphere: The troposphere is the first layer of the atmosphere.  It is 4-12 miles thick.  It's the beautiful place that we live in.   The troposphere is the only layer that creates weather.  

Stratosphere: The stratosphere is the second layer of the atmosphere.  The stratosphere keeps us warm and absorbs the suns heat, so that it won't get to hot.  The air is about 1,000 times more thinner than at sea level. The ozone layer is found in this layer.

Mesosphere: The mesosphere is the third layer of the atmosphere.   The mesopause is the coldest part of the Earth's atmosphere, with temperature as low as -130 degrees Fahrenheit; it is located on top of the mesosphere.

Thermosphere: The thermosphere is the fourth and last layer of the atmosphere.  This layer can reach temperatures as hot as 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit.  

What is the greenhouse effect?
It's when greenhouse gases are making the Earth warm, by going through a process called the greenhouse effect.

What happens if we didn't have any greenhouses?
Without greenhouses, Earth will be to cold for plants and animals to live.

What do greenhouse gases do?
Greenhouses make the Earth warmer, by trapping heat in the atmosphere.

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