Gun Control

this is a refrance to  the seconed ammendment:
" the right to bear arms"

There are two veiws on gun control

The democratic stance where they support laws to regulate guns, and the republican stance where they oppose laws to regulate guns.

For Gun Control:

  • Think gun control is a serious problem
  • Think that the government needs to have more restricions and need  to regulate purchases of guns
  • Natinonal Gun Control Inc. is the orginization that is for gun control

Below is  Mr. Brady; his wife is very involved with National Gun Control Inc.

Some Current Gun Control Debate stuff:

Against Gun Control

  • Thinks that the passage of gun control laws has not reduced gun violence
  • Thinks that the government needs to enforce and punish criminals who use guns illegally
  • NRA  (National Rifle Association)
  • "Guns don't kill, people kill"

What I think:

I think that there should be strict regulations and thorough background checks on people that want to buy guns; I also think that there should be a waiting period after you purchase the gun. If there is someone that has an angry outburst and wants to kill someone that day; the waiting period will stop them, and they may cool down and become more rational.

I also think that we should not have our right to have guns taken away. I think that the majorety of people, that want to take away our guns, have had bad experences with guns and only think that they are used for killing people. I don't think that they relize that a lot of people that have guns use them in hunting or for sport. And I think that people often forget that guns are used for protection against animals, not just crimanals coming to kill you.

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