Sugar is the thing that is hiding in all of those desserts, drinks, pastries, candies, and snacks that we eat on a daily basis. Even though sugar packs such a sweet and additive flavor to each bite, an over-consumption of sugar will lead to fatal health problems. Not only it is evident that taking in an excessive amount of sugar contributes to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, sugar also increase the risk for death relating to heart disease. This conclusion was deducted from various studies and surveys conducted by universities and scientists. In a statement, the American Heart Association said, "Now we know that too much added sugar doesn't just make us fat, it increases our risk of death from heart diseases." Because sugar can be seen damaging America's health, these health professionals have stepped up to warn the consumers about the dangers and fatality caused by sugar.

Sugar may be a delicious sweetener that hides in many food, but it is a deadly killer in the long run. Although there are many warnings about the hazards of health issues caused by sugar, many are not going to stay "SUGAR-FREE." #nevertoomuchsugar

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