Milo Peters, Hour 2

Cabela's provides Hunting gear,fishing gear,clothing,ammunition

Target market targets hunters and fishers

850.8 dollars yearly profit

Company was founded by Richard N Cabela in 1961 and went public in 2004 50% growth since 2001. On December 13 they performed well in getting 646 million dollars income in outdoor recreation. Stock price gained 50% and corbilated revenue moved up 14.8%

Founded by Richard N. Cabela

It was started in Sidney, Nebraska

It was started to get money and provide hunting and fishing goods to people

Started in 1961

Headquarters in Sidney, Nebraska

Fun Facts

The 3rd cabelas store is being built in Woodbury and opening on May 15th and the Woodbury cabelas is the 54th cabelas in the U.S.

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