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Support the Bay Area. Make a loan. Make a difference.

Kiva Zip is a byproduct of Kiva. Kiva Zip lets you lend directly to a borrower without a field partner/micro finance institution. You can also interact with the borrower through the internet.

SF Bay Area Facts:

7 million people in Bay Area

Median family income is $90,000 per year

9.7% individuals in poverty

5.4% unemployment rate

Number of Kiva Lenders Compared to Number of Kiva Zip Lenders

Interest Rates of a Kiva Zip Loans Compared to Interest Rates of US  Bank Loans.

Kiva Zip Repayment Rate Compared to Kiva's Repayment Rate.

Although these people might not be on here, you can loan to people like this

This presentation was done by Myles, Zachary, and Chris of Town School For Boys.

Site sources:

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Kiva Zip

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