Agents of Socialization

Michael Jarvis


Spending time with my family helped me socialize by going out of my comfort zone. We went on vacations in different countries. In these different countries i learned how to communicate without direct language. Also my family lead me to try new things such as foods or experiences. I am thankful because some of the new stuff i tried i love. Sponge bob taught me to share.

Peer Groups

Being on soccer teams taught me to work as a team. Also a team taught me to work hard and don't give up. The picture of the color run is my friends and me. They were all my neighborhood play group. We would hangout everyday and go everywhere together. The video is of Gahanna winning the soccer championship.

Mass Media

I used to play call of duty all the time when i was younger. On the weekend all of my friends and I would get on Xbox and play together. I even made friends at school from playing Xbox with them.The second picture is my favorite movie. I share that movie with my mother. The video is of Pokemon. All of my friends played Pokemon and so did I. we would get together and battle each other.


Going to school taught me to be on time. It taught me time management. Also it taught me to treat people the way I want to be treated. I treat all teachers with respect. The magic school bus taught lessons in whatever subject it was covering. It taught stuff like the human body.

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