The culture of zelda

Zelda is a princess who regions in Hyrule a kingdom in peace and harmony lives surrounded by many different types of races that we know.


The religion of those who live in Hyrule is the three goddesses who were Din created the land to live and Farore created the peoples Nayru think harmony, people who protect peace. As a reminder to know that they left the Triforce created hyrule stored in the temple of time.


The economy of the people is to sell whatever they want for rupees are based green which is the lowest value, worth 1 rupees the blue 5 rupees, red 20 rupees, 50 rupees dwelling, orange 100, silver 200, and gold 500.

                                             RELATIONSHIP TO FAMILY

family relationship with each race lives in his town and they and their familes in houses each race has different abit perp everyone respects the culture of hyrule.


lives in zelda hyrule castle that fronted by a large market and homes for avitantes foregoing is surrounded by a protective wall outside are the species that are not at all human and living in villages with their families.

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