Mobile Apps

Examples of how they can be used in the Classroom is an app where students can create audio tours about different locations. This could be effective in a classroom setting by student’s research the history of a city and then using the app to give a virtual tour of the city utilizing the knowledge they gained via their research.


Blendspace is an app where users can post links, photos and videos in once place and easily share them with others. Blendspace could useful in a K-12 setting as a way for students easily share with their teacher the different online projects they have done rather than sending each one to individually to the teacher.

Talking Tom and Ben

Talking Tom and Ben is an app where “Tom and Ben” (a Dog and Cat ) sit at a news desk and can be made to report whatever the user likes, the user speaks into the microphone and Tom and Ben repeat back what the user says. This App could be very useful in a K-12 as it might be fun way younger students to do a project on current events. They could do some research such as reading the paper (online or print), pick a story and have Tom and Ben “report it”.


Flixilab is an App which allows users to make movies and slideshows. The feature of the app I like is that it allows users to collaborate on the slideshows/films. This feature could be very useful in a classroom setting as it would allow students to complete group projects without having figure out a way to meet outside of class. Or having to delegate someone to be solely responsible for the slideshow part of the project.


Fotobabble is an app where users can take a picture or pictures create a commentary about the picture or a slideshow. Fotobabble could be useful in a classroom setting because it could become a project or part of a project where for example students descripe a important image in history such a the painting of the coronation of Napoleon, in this description they would also have to provide some context such as who was Napoleon? How did he come to power? And other important questions.


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