Gary Paulson

A adventurous, hardworking, and imaginative writer .

Gary Paulson is a great author who has wrote 375 books and articles total and even goes on sled race to find out new things to write about.  

Why Gary Paulson is Adventurous

Gary is very adventurous in many ways being that he sails a lot in his free time and even when't on the iddarod dog race to inspire his book  Dog Song.  In this video Gary Paulson explains why he writes and he will tell you about how he is extremely adventurous by sailing, hunting, trapping, and dog sledding.

Gary Paulson is also hardworking

Gary Paulson is very hard work because you must be if you have wrote 375 books and articles total.  Gary also is very fond of sailing and for seventy-five year old man that's a lot of work to manage even for a middle aged man.

Gary also adventurous because when he was a kid he flunked school and is parent were not very supportive but yet he worked hard at becoming good at reading and got his grades up all by himself.


Every writer has to be imaintive to be a writer, but GAry Paulson takes it to the next level!  Gary has made a whole new breed of outdoor books by how the world responded to Hatchet.  I read the book and it completely felt like I was right by Brian shooying his bow with him.  The thought and the way that Gary Paulson writes is books is incredible,powerful, and incedble  imagenitive.  

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