Museum Exhibits: Early Hominids

Homo Habilis: Handyman
By Morgan Wolk

A Handyman looked tall and had ape and human features. It also walked on two feet and had a brain twice the size of Lucy's. The handyman looked more like humans then an ape.

The Handyman lived in Africa 1.5 million years ago. The handyman used animal bones as digging sticks and would set up traps for small animals. The handyman used sharps stones for cutting things like animals. The handyman would stick in groups and that would help them survive longer because they could get more food. They could protect themselves better from animals when they stayed in groups.

The handyman were the first to know how to make tools but it wasn't easy even making the simplest tools. Handymen were really good hunters and had good aim. The handyman was a great tool builder just like upright man. The handyman had a larger brain then Lucy's group, they were wiser.

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