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I am a lot of stuff.  I am what I look like and what I say and what I believe and what  I write and what I create.  And more.  

One’s-Self I Sing
by Walt Whitman

ONE’S-SELF I sing—a simple, separate Person;
Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-masse.

Of Physiology from top to toe I sing;
Not physiognomy alone, nor brain alone, is worthy for the Muse—I say the Form complete is worthier far;
The Female equally with the male I sing.

Of Life immense in passion, pulse, and power,
Cheerful—for freest action form’d, under the laws divine,
The Modern Man I sing.

I love Uncle Walt Whitman.

Perhaps the most important video to think about every day. I want to share this with everybody so they can begin to make some important connections inside themselves or to strengthen weak or forgotten ones that are already there and waiting to be rewired.

I like this music.

I love this music.

I try to live by this music.

Oh, to be in the surf of my mind.

I write quite a bit every week in spaces and ways that you may or may not be familiar with.  Suffice to say, I am always trying to connect.  Which means that no matter how hard I try I am always failing to connect in some way. Click the button above for a window into the connection.  Always connect.

I live here with my wife, thirteen cats, four dogs and 30 sheep.  The little white specks in the picture are my sheep. The green roof is my home.  The brown roof is where the sheep live.

Here's a radio piece I did about sheep farming.

First day of school: here's yer perfesser.

First day of school: here's yer state of mind.

First day of school:  Someone asks, "Will this be on the test?"

First day of school:  it's lunchtime, boys and girls.

First day of school:  it's after lunch or what we call "blinkystayawakey" time.

The end of your first day:  it all feels like panda dodgeball.

Or maybe this is your first day's end:  gagnam happy.

Your first day mos' def' might make you Princess Exhausted.

I borrowed the gifs above from this link.

(Erickson, Christine. “This Is Your First Day of School [GIFS].” Mashable. N.p., 30 Aug. 2012. Web. 24 Aug. 2014.)

Here's a playlist of some more music to make your day brand new.  I know it works for me.

I play the cello so I gotta show you my playlist.

Go ahead.  Click it.  I dares ya.

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3 years ago

I play the cello so I gotta put in this playlist.

3 years ago

"succeeding most of the time but failing some of the time"

3 years ago

"it's good to be alive" Loved the radio piece.

3 years ago

The “this is water” video was very truthful and dead on, about our perspective being the free choice we have to make current situations better. At the end he says this is water twice. Bruce lee says be like water.

3 years ago

Terry, I got an email with your zombie Tackk message but can't find it on Tackk.....weird. Anyone, loving zombie Tellio.

3 years ago

@fredmindlin you always give me so much to think about