Problems Teens Face Today
By; Gabrielle Zais

The average percent of teens who smoke weed in today's' society is 244% higher than it was in the 1980's. As a result marijuana is much more harmful and addictive. Especially because this drug can cause loss of brain cells for teens going through adolescence. Also teens who have taken ecstasy on a regular basic are more likely to suffer from depression.  

How to help someone you know stay away from drugs: 1. Identify the risk factors. 2.State reasons on why drugs are  unhealthy and what they can do to you. 3. Avoid drugs yourself, as you don't want to show this is a god example among any teen who is interested in maybe experimenting with drugs or to friends.

By the use of teens doing drugs the health factors are extremely high. Bot to mention the fact that just trying it once can get you hooked for the rest of our life. Drugs can make you do things that you will most likely regret in the future.

In order to not do drugs of any kind you are going to need to know some life statistic factors they can cause. it can cause significant drops in your grades, making it hard for you to get into a college and get a successful career.

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