Internet Timeline

1951 the scale model

The first scale model of an idea of the first  computer was made in 1951. The computer was named UNIVAC I. This scale model was shipped to the Census Bureau.

1969 the ARpanet

In the 1960's the computer was starting to become more than just an idea but becoming a reality of sorts. In the year 1969 the Arpanet was created, but only connected to a total of four computers. A year later it was becoming a more popular source.

1970's Transmission Control Protocol

In the 1970's a person named Vinton Cerf tried to find a way for all computers to have all of the planets mini-networks to be able to connect or comunicate with one another. ( this was at the end of the 1970's)

1972 BBN and email

Ray Tomilson worked for BBN made the first program devoted to the email system.

1983 the official birthday

It was stated that the official birthday of the internet was January 1, 1983. There were computers before the internet, but those computers were not able to connect to be able to communicate with others. Also before each computer did not have a proper networking system.

1989 The World Wide Web

In the year 1989 the well known link was created called the World Wide Web.

1990 The first web site

the year 1990 the first website or server was created. The URL was "go live at CERN"

1994 internet bank

In 1994 the first online bank was created, its name was " First Virtual". It was very popular because it made it easier to get access to your bank account.

1995 programs

The corporation named Mictosoft launched the program of Windows 95 and also creating the first version of  Internet Explorer.

2003 networking

The busines networking system called Linkedin was created. It was a big step for the networking servers making some jobs and life a bit more easier.

2005 Connectivity

The Broadband connections pass the dial-up connecions. Making the internet connections speed-up.

2008 web browser

in 2008 google realesed the web browser named the Chrome Web browser. This browser is one of the most used web browser in the world.

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