By Ricardo Garza


In Africa it is warm and hot. It rains almost every day in Africa. It is wet because of the rainforests. The weather is tropical. Plants grow well in the warm, wet, tropical climate. In grasslands it is dry. It never rains in the grasslands.

In The Desert

In the desert there is sand and dirt all over. Deserts have trees, plants and animals. Deserts are hot and it rains almost every day in the desert. It is hot in the daytime and when it is night it is cold.

Rain Forest

Rain forests have rivers and waterfalls. Rain forests have big wet trees. Rainforest are forests that get lots of rainfall.

Land forms

Savannas have grasslands. the grassland have a lot of sand. Grasslands are big. Animals live on the grasslands.


Bangui is the largest city. In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe they speak three languages. In Kumasi, Ghana the people are often described as the friendliest place in all Africa.

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