Australian Identity

At a glance the Australian culture is a sport playing, beer drinking, underdog, kangaroo riding, beach loving culture. Australia does house most of these things but there is so much more to Australia that has not been expressed as prejudice. There are many weird and wonderful stereotypes that the world has labelled Australia with that have become outdated or have been formed on prejudice. A lot of the Australian culture has come from Europe and has influenced us since they colonised in 1788. In doing so the Europeans replaced they rich Indigenous culture that was here before. Australia is a unique place with differences that other countries find hard to believe, e.g. deserts and beaches in the same country or state even, but we are one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and you are able to see these by walking down a busy street. Australia also has a unique place in arts and music. (example: the background to this blog is by a Melbourne Graffiti artist that has taken the idea of dirty vandalism and turned it into an artwork)

This video shows some history that has created the Australian culture.

Over the past 5 years, Australia has begun to try and form their own image instead of living in the shadow of the British image. We have become a much more multicultural but have seem to become less accepting. We have been further recognised as a worthy competitor on a level playing field instead of the underdogs, especially involving sport. We have a beer drinking, sport orientated, beach loving culture. Our culture has also been shaped over the past 5 years by our Politian's actions towards other countries.

These ideas of Australian culture have originated from the media. They come from news programs, movies, television shows, radio, advertisements and any other form of media you can think of. Talk and opinions that are presented from the media are bombarded at us daily. Sometimes it is the opinions of people that are presented through the media. Often these opinions influence our own. This is not always a good thing because often, what the media is presenting, is their form of the truth. Without consciously do it, you are greatly influenced by what the media presents. It can have a large effect on your understanding of something. When Australia is represented through actors in movies they are a stereotypical Australian. This makes us think about living up to the stereotype and leaves the rest of the world assuming that they know what every single Australian is like.

This video gives us an insight to see what kind of ideas Australians come up with about Australia. This is a great video to show this because all of these ideas have come from the media.