Vocabulary in the Elementary Classroom

An Interactive Follow-Up from the EduKates

We've been on your campuses with our goodies in tow, now... read, click, and discover even more ideas for vocabulary instruction!

SOURCES:  Where do I find vocabulary words?

Teach students "thinking" words from Quality Questioning's House Taxonomy to build their academic vocabulary.  

Have you shown your students Wonderopolis yet?  It is an amazing expository resource that provides fun, interesting, and relevant information that also builds students' vocabulary.  Click on the button below to discover this cool tool!

STRATEGIES: What are some ideas & activities to teach vocabulary

Check out these ideas from our vocabulary Pinterest board! Scroll through the pictures below!   (http://www.pinterest.com/loveitsimple/vocabulary)

RESOURCES: Where can I find more ideas?

Look for Flocabulary videos on YouTube for some cute raps about language! Here's one (below) about prefixes!

Here's a Smore flyer with LOTS of ideas for teaching synonyms, antonyms, homophones, multi-meaning words, and analogies!  Just click on the button below:

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