1. When separating phrases that don't need to be there.

Ex: My brother, David, is starting his new soccer game.

2. When linking two independent clauses with a conjunction.

Ex: I'll like to go to the party, but my mom told me to go do homework.

3. When your addressing someone in particular.

Ex: Anna ,can we play volley ball with you?

4. When making a list.

Ex: Let's go get some school supplies, like some paper, pencils, erasers, and highlighters.

5. When you have more than one adjective modifying a noun.

Ex: The huge, enormous roller coaster.

6. After introductory phrases or clauses.

Ex: Once I finish doing a cartwheel, I'll do a split.

The "other three" :

7. Dates

Ex: November 12, 2014

8. Ending of a letter

Ex: Don't forget your lunch! Love, mom

9. Geographic locations

Ex: Cumming, GA

When to NOT use a comma:

1. When separating two independent clauses without a conjunction.

2. After the conjunction.

3. When separating a dependent and independent clause with a conjunction.

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