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Week 1 and 2: I have read some things that I already knew but needed so more clarity. The Buhagiar article was perfect for getting me on the right track. It is really hard trying to balance work and school but I plan on making it work.

Week 3 : 10/05/2014:  This week was fun because we got to be in groups. Group work can be easy, however we are all on different time schedules. It is hard to be able to respond and collaborate on things in a timely manner. But, I guess we all have to work on it. Our team name is Animal from Sesame Street. In this weeks discussion, I talked about peer to peer collaboration and how it reflects back to Curtis Bonks point about online assessment.

Week 4: 10/12/2014: Team Animal was brought to existence this week. Team Animal is a group presentation on online tools that can be used for assessments. My part in the group was to find and create a page for peer collaboration. The tool that I chose for P.C. is the website Vyew. This site provides students a space online to create and collaborate on projects. The students have the ability to create a time for meetings and edit functions to form their project. The teacher has the ability to watch students progress, and to watch how the students are using any feedback that is given. I think that my group members did a great job in creating our project. Also this week a feedback form was introduced to evaluate the team members including myself. I would like to say I got good marks, but I know everyone in my group was on point.   

Week 5: 10/26/2014: This week I came in contact with something that was similar to what I have been doing in the classroom; rubrics and taxonomy tables. For the classroom taxonomy table, I created one for the creation of a short story and peer assessment. in which my class in getting into. This particular table has many activities in order for the students to understand all the concepts and elements. I think that these tables can change the outlook on students work, and help the students develop their work. The format was something that was unfamiliar to me, which was a first for me to do. I find it a little easy to do it this way, in a table. As for the rubrics, I can remember in class when I was an undergraduate; rubrics helped me keep myself on track to get a better grade. The rubric that I created was for the guidelines in creating a short story. The rubric is straight forward and easy for the students to follow.

Week 6:10/27/2014:In addition I created a survey for week 6. The survey was set in place for a classroom management course that was designed by me. Every question played around how a teacher uses classroom management and well as tools for assessment. Go check out the survey and see for yourself. Link is below. This class is winding down so as a reminder, we had to post our progress dealing with the final. For me the final is an work in progress. Many elements will go into this project and, I'm looking to pass this class. :) :)

Week :7 11/01/2014: (Dia de Los Muertos) For this week in class we had to start working on our Final project. This project as a lot of elements that needs to be included. I feel a little overwhelmed in making sure everything is right. I also question why each objective needs to have it's own page. I would just like to point out each objective right a paragraph or so then show the taxonomy page. I think that t is good to see other classmates projects and to give them feedback and so forth. I need all the help I can get . In addition, I changed my survey I did in week 6 in order to stay with the theme of short story. I don't know why I did it on classroom management. Below are links to both my final project rough draft and my new survey. I also made improvements to my concept map and other elements. I think my project is on its way to getting a good grade. We did n self assessment in which I was honest with the assessing. Next week is the last week of class and I will be blogging to say goodbye.



Week 8: 11/06/2014: For the final week we had to listen to peer feedback and revise our project. This was a little overwhelming since I had to go back and look for every detail. I made the correction that I got feedback on and made separate pages for my tools and objectives. At the end of the day I just hope that I get at least a B- in the class. I hate getting C's . We also had to respond to other classmates projects and give feedback. In the last activity we had to give our final thoughts on the class and final wishes. I really thought by doing this was really cool. It gave us the time to thank all that helped throughout the course.

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