Research and plan a way to measure fitness

Measure the progress of a person’s fitness using a longitudinal study.

What is a longitudinal study?

Studying something about the same person, or people (or thing!) over a long period of time.

In Term 1, Nurse Karen carried out part of a longitudinal study. What was it?

In Term 2, Year 2 carried out a longitudinal study with sunflowers. What do you think they did?

Long distance runners carry out longitudinal studies of their fitness weeks before a race. Why do you think they do this?

In the last few weeks you took part in a school longitudinal study. What was it? (Hint, you did it on a computer)

How can we measure fitness?

Watch the videos below and try out the activity to get a few ideas on how fitness is measured.

On Friday during Interhouse, you will have a chance to set up your first exercise test...

What activity or activities will you do?(It needs to be short but effective exercise).


  • Create a 10 minute circuit training routine in small groups.
  • Practise before hand how to take your pulse at rest and after exercise, to work out your recovery rate, as an indication of fitness.
  • Decide on a program to increase fitness.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to record data at regular intervals (remember half term break).
  • The circuit will be carried out on Friday during interhouse, and repeated in the final week.

For this longitudinal study, you will need to track your fitness over six weeks.

What will you need to keep as constants throughout the study?

What can you do during the 6 weeks to help improve your fitness?

What changes might you see?


How have I used my knowledge of fair testing to help me?

What new knowledge learnt today have I included to make my plan effective?

How can I ensure everyone in my group is developing their knowledge and skills?

Please write your thoughts in the comment section.

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2 years ago

Have you worked out your resting heart rate? Mine is 90 bpm (beats per minute) Use the IN THE ZONE link to work it out.

2 years ago

Next, I need to find out my heart rate after exercise. My homework for today.

2 years ago

How do you improve your fitness?

2 years ago

How do the heart beat faster when the person exercise?