By: Chloe Johnson

Mexico is a wonderful place with a population 117.8 million people. Mexico has as many as 68 different languages, they include Spanish, Nahuatl, Yucatec Maya and Mixtec. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico's currency is Mexican Peso. Mexico has a total of 3 neighboring countries. They are U.S.A., Belize and Guatemala.

Famous Places

This is the Chichén Itzá. This building was built by the Maya people of the Terminal Classic. It is one of the most visited cites in Mexico. There is an estimate of 1.2 million every year.

This place is called the Tulum. It was built in Pre - Columbia Maya's. This walled city sits on a cliff as high as 12 meters. It is located along the Caribbean Sea.

You may also want to go to The National Palace. This the federal executive in Mexico. This palace is located in the main square of Mexico City.

Local Expressions

There are many local expressions, some are Que onda? Which means whats up or how are you. There is also güero/a, which means you are a blond or don't have dark hair. And La chamba means work.

Food and Drink

This is Ceviche a very popular food in Mexico. It is a seafood dish. It is usually made with fresh raw seafood. They add citrus juice and ají or chili peppers to give it flavor. Some times like in this picture the add extra veggies like avocado, tomatoes and onions.

This is Mexico's soda pop. Its called Jarritos. There recipe is very confidential nobody knows it except the people that make the pop. There are many flavors and this is the most drank brand of pop in Mexico.

Climate and Geography

Mexico has a lot of different geography such as desserts, coastal plains, and two big groups of mountains. The climate is very dry in some areas. There is also very hot summers, yet the mountain tops are very chilly and covered with snow. But, sadly, there is very little rain making it hard to grow some crops.

Day of the Dead

This is the Day of the Dead. This day is used to turn all of Mexico's attention to the people who have died. Mexicans take death more as a celebration then a loss. There are many reasons they do this. The celebrate because the know there spirt will be kept alive by the Pátzcuaro. The crowds are very hard to get through during this parade because there are so many people in the streets celebrating. But just because so people are sad because the loss of there loved ones.

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