Hitler's Motive

Why Did Hitler Hate Jews?

Hitler's hatred of Jews began at a young age. Growing up in Vienna, the Mayor was extremely anti-semetic and the hatred of Jews was wide spread. Hitler believed that people should be divided into different races. According to Hitler, the "Aryan Race" (blonde hair and blue eyes) was the strongest race; which the Jews did not consist of these characteristics. Post WWI, his hatred of Jews inflamed. He blamed the Jews of being responsible for the defeat in WWI and the economic crisis.

International Jewish Power  

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Anti-semitism is being presented when Hitler promises his country that one day, he will "remove these people from our ranks". The laughter of Jew angers Hitler tremendously, which foreshadows the upcoming horrific events of the Holocaust. Hitler's percieves Jews as vermin's, stupid, lower ranked. Reasoning for these harsh judgements, are because he feels the Jew lost the War for Germany and that is unforgivable. Also, the large crowds in this video demonstrate the anti-Semitic support he has.

Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler

Modern Connection:
Anti-Semitism on the rise

in August 2014 , conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza, there were reports from a number of countries of attacks targeting Jews. In France and Germany, synagogues and Jewish community centres have been firebombed. In Britain, a rabbi was attacked near a Jewish boarding school. And in Australia, a bus carrying Jewish schoolchildren was targeted by teenagers shouting "Heil Hitler" and threatening to slit the children's throats. Anti-Semitic phrases are still being shouted. This modern connection compares the past verses the present.  

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