The Bone-Setter's Daughter

By Amy Tan

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“That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets.”

(Tan 227)

     The Bone-setter's Daughter tells the struggle between a Chinese immigrant mother and her U.S born daughter. Lu Ling who suffered many tragedies and obstacles came to the United States in search of a better future for herself. Lu Ling had Ruth after she successfully got her citizenship in the United States. During Ruth's childhood, Lu Ling always mentioned the name “Precious Auntie” In order to get what Ruth wanted Ruth pretended that she could speak to the spirits. That was the beginning of a small lie that would soon turn into an immense burden. The burden then turned into a key that unlocked her mother’s dark secrets. The Bone-setter's Daughter tells the story of a daughter traveling back in time and unraveling her mother’s cryptic past.

     I highly recommend this book to readers that enjoy reading about people overcoming their past. If I were to rate this out of five stars this book would receive five stars. Amy Tan does a great job keeping the reader engrossed in the book. The book's phenomenal plot keeps the reader on their toes and forces them to turn the page.

References you might need! This book mentions the term "Oracle Bones" on more than one occasion.

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This book takes place in Northern China. (Image from Wikipedia)

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