International Peace Day


When you hear the word "peace," what do you think of? Do you imagine everyone being alone and quiet? Do you imagine everyone getting along and being social? Do you think of isolation and defeat? Do you think of happiness and love?

Peace isn't subjective. Peace isn't contradictory. Peace is what makes the world continue to revolve. Peace is one of the few forms of magic that actually exist. It's what enables people to learn and grow. To laugh and feel. If people could get along, at least for a day, everything would turn out perfectly. But that, unfortunately, isn't the case here.

The point is, not only should we at least try to celebrate International Peace Day every day, but the mentality of peace and love should be a part of our every day lifestyle. But today, we recognize peace as a symbol for unison, for perfect happiness.

Spread peace. Try and make people happy.

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