Mrs. Peace - Final Book Review - on Tackk

Tackk Quick Start Gude

Getting Started

     1. Sign up for a free account at

     2. If you run into a verification issue, go to this site to verify:  

Creating a Tackk

     1. Click on the green Create button.

     2. Select the type of Tackk you want to create from the list.

     3. Using the toolbar, select the first item you want to place in your Tackk.

     4. For photo, video, and audio, copy and paste the URL of the media you wish to use            from one of the listed providers.

           (Click on “See all 250+ supported services” to see the complete list.)

     5. Continue using the toolbar to add to your Tackk, using the gear icon to remove                  unwanted media and the arrows to reorder your Tackk.

Customizing and Publishing a Tackk

     1. Use the toolbar at the right to customize and publish your Tackk.

     2. Under Options, here are a few helpful settings to know about:

         a. Public/Private – choose Public, so others in the class can search for your Tackk.

         b. Tackkboards – add the tags "readGAHS” and "PeaceBlock1" or                                          "PeaceBlock2" to post your Tackk to the class boards.  Also include tags with                    the title of the book,  and author.

         c. Customize Title – give your Tackk a catchy title using the title of the book.

         d. Tackk URL – to make your Tackk easier to find, add a custom URL, using GAHS                 in font of the book title (ie:

         e. Comment Stream – turn the comment stream on, but uncheck "allow anonymous                 posts.".

     3. Once you have customized your Tackk, click on “Publish Tackk”

     4. After publishing, copy the url, and click the Final Rook Review Turn In button.

Tackk Tutorial Video

Tackk Options

The Option menu is very important in setting up your Tackk to be visible, searchable, and accessible.  Look over the image below, and the text instruction above to be sure your settings are entered correctly.  As a reminder, have your settings: Public, add tackkboard tags of "readGAHS," your block "PeaceBlock#," and the title and author of your book.  Give your take a custom title, customize your url, and add your own image background.  Be sure to PUBLISH your tackk, and copy the url to use on the turn in form at the bottom of this Tackk.

Tackk + ThingLink

App Mashup with Tackk

Final Book Review Rubric

Turn in your Tackk

Publish your tack under the SHARE menu.  Copy the url, and click the turn in button.

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the URL you use is not functional