Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., Space Artifacts and Memorabila

Founded in 1997 by David Frohman, Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., appraises, sells, and offers consulting services pertaining to artifacts from the pioneer American space program. The company uses its specialized knowledge and its numerous astronaut relationships to help clients acquire the highest-quality space memorabilia. As such, Peachstate Historical Consulting has achieved distinction as one of the world’s premier dealers and consultants dedicated to American space memorabilia and artifacts, and it has acquired and traded millions of dollars worth of space material. Additionally, since its founding, the company has arranged the donation of more than $2 million worth of space memorabilia to state universities, libraries, schools, and museums.

Peachstate Historical Consulting deals in space artifacts acquired directly from astronauts and their families. Owner and president David Frohman has appraised and cataloged the collections of four of the twelve men who have walked on the moon, and he has worked with selections of many other astronaut collections. Items have included the Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 moon rock manifests, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell's spacesuit name tag, and Buzz Aldrin's lunar communion bag. Moreover, in 2007, David Frohman was chosen by the United States Golf Association to appraise the golf club used by moonwalker Alan Shepard.