Georgia's Entrepreneurs:
Peach State Pride
By: Courtney Dimperio


Derek Chitwood which is the founder of Peach State Pride started his company for his love of Southern culture. His inspiration to start his company was the summers he spent on his grandfather's peach orchard as a kid. His grandfather was his biggest influence to start the company. Chitwood loves his company since he can experience the challenges as an entrepreneur and give back to his community. Chitwood grew up in Canon, Georgia and went to GCSU (Georgia College and State University) to study history, but later moved to Athens where Peach State Pride's headquarters is today.

Derek Chitwood


Peach State Pride uses ports, airports, highways, and railroads for transportation. The company uses ports and airports to get the most of their supplies like cotton. They use Comfort Color tees which are shipped through ports, airports, or railroads then they use highways to take it to the factory to be made. They also have an online store which use highways or airports. The company uses highways to ship their shirts to their stores.


Peach State Pride had many risks when starting the company. Their prices are a risk since it's kinda expensive making it harder for some to buy. Another risk is it is more centered towards the South which makes Northern people not interested. The last risk is there are many southern t-shirt companies and didn't know if they would be successful. Peach State Pride had many risks but his company is still successful.

Peach State Pride compared to similar southern based companies


Peach State Pride has an impact on the South especially Georgia. The company gives 15% of profit to charities in the South. Peach State Pride offers many jobs in clothing stores around the South. They offer many jobs to college students as a campus representative. They gave lots of people jobs since it's a clothing company, and give back to the community.

Some campus representatives

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