Add Interactivity to Your PowerPoint using PearDeck

PearDeck gives you the ability to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a live session, within which participants can interact with questions you've included. To get started:

  1. Use your Google account to log into PearDeck
  2. Open your PowerPoint, Google Presentation or PDF. Or, create a new slide deck on the PearDeck site. (You will need PearDeck Premium to re-open and re-use sessions).
  3. Assume we're creating a new deck. Once you click Create New Deck, click New Slide. You can create a plain slide, containing only text and images. However, if you want to add interactivity, click Slide Type on the right.
  4. Select whether you want your audience to answer a multiple choice question, a free response text question, or a free response number.
  5. Once your slide deck is complete, click Start Presenting.

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